Köhlmoos, Melanie
Der Prediger Salomo
Art.-Nr.: 978-3-525-51215-9
Seiten/ Ausstattung: 253 Seiten
Format: 15,50 × 23,20 × 0,20 cm
Einband: Einband - fest (Hardcover)
Verlag: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Erscheinungsdatum: Auflage, 10.12.2014
ISBN/EAN: 9783525512159
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The Book of Qohelet is still mysterious and challenging. Disguised as King Solomon, a philosopher and scribe reflects how wisdom can be found, how God can be perceived. Within the book, traditional Jewish Wisdom and Hellenistic philosophy intermingle and Qohelet deconstructs both of them. He presents his argument as a dialogue between a fictitious author and an unknown audience. The audience is drawn into the dialogue and challenged to take position. Melanie Köhmoos focuses on the literary structure and its strategies in this commentary on the Book of Qohelet.
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